• Why is preheat sometimes required before welding? Preheating the base material to be welded minimises the temperature difference between the material and the arc, slows the cooling rate in the weld area and reduces the risk of cracking. The need for preheat increases with steel thickness, weld restraint, the carbon/alloy content of the steel, and the diffusible hydrogen of the weld metal. Preheat

  • Radiographic Testing Procedure This content provides you with a example Radiographic Testing Procedure. This is a general and sample RT procedure and you need to modify it to meet your project specifications. 1. SCOPE: 1.1-This Procedure describes the general requirements for radiography examination (RT) according to related approved weld map for the metallic welding and casting

  • We are happy to provide our services for all types of projects including oil and gas EPC projects all over the world for the followings All types of inspections Report making Procedure writing and review online coaching of cources. fitup and weld visual inspections. Report making and reviewing for all activities PWHT witness and checking Hydro-testing checking and report making Final

  • We provided the inspection activities for the duvha power plant boiler explosion situation. the inspection activities includefit-up inspection, welding inspection, dimension inspection, pre-installation inspection and installation inspection as well. The procurement process followed the requirements of the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA) and the qualifying supplier was

  • PostHeating In case of alloy steel materials such as Cr-Mo stels, if the post weld heat treatment is not performed immediately after welding, then the weld joint and adjacent portion of pipe, at least 50 mm on either side of pipe, shall be uniformly heated to 300°C. This temperature shall be maintained for half an hour minimum, and then wrapped with mineral wool before allowing it to cool

  • Many different types of welding inspection exist to keep pipes and structures safe and secure. Countless building codes require strict adherence to project plan specifications and inspection guidelines, according to Weld Procedures. The American Weld Institute usually produces code for multiple story structures, while the American Petroleum Institute issues construction and inspection guidelines for

  • Before applying for the detailed PWHT requirements and exemption in these paragraphs, satisfactory weld procedure qualifications of the welding procedures specification to be used shall be performed in accordance with all the essential variables of ASME SECTION IX including conditions of post-weld heat treatment and including other restrictions listed below. While carrying out local post-weld

  • The major objective of radiographic testing of castings is the disclosure of defects that adversely affect the strength of the product. Castings are a product form that often receive radiographic inspection since many of the defects produced by the casting process are volumetric in nature, and are thus relatively easy to detect with this method. These discontinuities of course, are related to casting

  • All ASME Code Stamped Section VIIIpressure vesselsmust undergo a pressure test.Cryogenic pressure vesselswith Code Stamps are no different. The requirements for this pressure testing is contained within paragraphs “UG-99 Hydrostatic Pressure Test”, “UG-100 Pneumatic Test”, and “UG-101 Proof Tests to Establish Maximum Allowable Working Pressure”.

  • Construction Codes & Significance Postweld heat treatment on the weld of ASTM A335 P11 seamless pipes. The heat treatment is performed by a flexible ceramic pad heater. Seamless pipes made of low-alloy steel ASTM A335 Grade P11 can be used for power piping (ASME B31.1) or process piping (ASME B31.3) at elevated temperatures. After joining the two ASTM A335 P11 pipes together by a welding

  • The Vessel Pressure Testing article provides you with information about pressure vessel hydro-static testing requirements and related item in pressure vessel inspection. The requirements have been described based on ASME Code Section VIII. You need to do this test after completion of the construction process, but before the internal parts assembly and also before painting process. This content

  • We all have probably heard about destructive testing in welding. After all, those of us who are certified welders or work at a place that needs to certify welding procedures, have at one time or another heard about a bend test, or a charpy v-notch test. However, there are several types of non-destructive testing available. As you can imagine, performing destructive testing on

  • Have you heard of post weld heat treatment (PWHT)? Of course you have. If you are involved in welding you have definitely heard this term. But what is PHWT? When is PWHT required? What temperature should PWHT be done at? Heat treating of materials can be a very complicated subject, but when it comes to heat treatment after welding it boils down to a simple concept: PWHT is done in

  • Welding Inspection Procedure / Checklist This article provides you a general welding inspection proceduer. Stage 1 - Welding Inspection Prior to Welding Work Welding symbols and weld sizes clearly specified in drawing and related documents. Weld joint designs and dimensions clearly specified in drawings and related documents. Weld maps identify the welding procedure

  • Post-weld heat treatment or PWHT is a controlled process that involves reheating the metal below its lower critical transformation temperature, following a welding process. The material is then held at the elevated temperature for a predetermined period of time to alleviate residual stresses, increase the strength, increase or decrease the hardness, and reduce the risk of cracking by microstructural

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  • Project Procedures writing/review
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  • WPS Qualification
  • WPQ welder qualification
  • Material receiving
  • spool release
  • Fit-up inspection
  • Preheat inspection
  • welding inspections
  • NCR issuing and closing
  • NDT witness
  • RT film review
  • PWHT inspection
  • Hydro test package review
  • Hydrotest inspection
  • Reports review
  • Site inspection
  • Walk down of the project
  • Punch list creation 
  • Punch list closing
  • Dossier review
  • Dossier submission
  • Final handover of Project


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