• Radiographic Testing Procedure This content provides you with a example Radiographic Testing Procedure. This is a general and sample RT procedure and you need to modify it to meet your project specifications. 1. SCOPE: 1.1-This Procedure describes the general requirements for radiography examination (RT) according to related approved weld map for the metallic welding and casting

  • Weldingis an essential part of operating and maintaining assets in the petroleum (upstream, midstream, downstream) and chemical processing industries. While it has many useful applications, the welding process can inadvertently weaken equipment by imparting residual stresses into a material, leading to reduced material properties. In order to ensure the material strength of a part is retained

  • Chromium carbides form in stainless steels along either side of a weld. These carbides form where the metal is in the temperature range of approximately 1100 – 1500 F. Since the weld pool is well above this temperature and the base metal is below it, there is always some part of the welded part which was in that temperature range. The quantity of carbides which form depends on several factors,

  • All ASME Code Stamped Section VIIIpressure vesselsmust undergo a pressure test.Cryogenic pressure vesselswith Code Stamps are no different. The requirements for this pressure testing is contained within paragraphs “UG-99 Hydrostatic Pressure Test”, “UG-100 Pneumatic Test”, and “UG-101 Proof Tests to Establish Maximum Allowable Working Pressure”.

  • Hydrostatic test Ahydrostatic testis a way in whichpressure vesselssuch aspipelines,plumbing,gas cylinders,boilersand fuel tanks can be tested for strength and leaks. The test involves filling the vessel or pipe system with a liquid, usually water, which may be dyed to aid in visual leak detection, and pressurization of the vessel to the specified

  • As anyone in the fabricating and welding business knows, process and part inspection is a critical component of a successful business. Build and weld a poor part will simply guarantee failure. Today, welding associations, such as the Canadian Welding Bureau, offer certification courses to help welders learn the ins and outs of proper inspection processes, but before taking the course, you should

  • In addition to producing high quality radiographs, theradiographer must also be skilled inradiographic interpretation .Interpretation of radiographs takes place in three basic steps: (1) detection, (2)interpretation , and (3)evaluation . All of these steps make use of the radiographer'svisual

  • The major objective of radiographic testing of castings is the disclosure of defects that adversely affect the strength of the product. Castings are a product form that often receive radiographic inspection since many of the defects produced by the casting process are volumetric in nature, and are thus relatively easy to detect with this method. These discontinuities of course, are related to casting

  • Preheat in Welding: What Is It and When Should You Use It? Preheating in welding is used to help ensure weld quality and reduce the occurrence of cracking and other problems that can result in costly rework. Welding preheat is commonly used before welding steel or steel alloy pipes or plates that are 1 inch thick or more. Preheating is often required in shop and field welding for oil and

  • Have you heard of post weld heat treatment (PWHT)? Of course you have. If you are involved in welding you have definitely heard this term. But what is PHWT? When is PWHT required? What temperature should PWHT be done at? Heat treating of materials can be a very complicated subject, but when it comes to heat treatment after welding it boils down to a simple concept: PWHT is done in

  • Austenitic stainless steels have high ductility, low yield stress and relatively high ultimate tensile strength, when compare to a typical carbon steel. A carbon steel on cooling transforms from Austenite to a mixture of ferrite and cementite. With austenitic stainless steel, the high chrome and nickel content suppress this transformation keeping the material fully austenite on cooling (The Nickel

  • A crucial step in many welding applications, preheating slows the rate of cooling in a finished weld, lowers the amount of hydrogen in it, and reduces the risk of cracking. Artificially introducing heat into the base metal — by means of an external heat source — adds a step to the welding process; however, it can save you time and money in the long term by reducing the potential for a failed

  • The procedure of Post Weld Heat Treatment projects is often recorded in a quality document beforehand. It lists the requirements that should be met for the relevant heat treatments and that will lead to a guaranteed result. Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) is the international term for stress relief annealing: a heat treatment that is carried out – among other things – after welding work

  • Basic Weld Inspection - Part 1 John Hoh Senior Staff Engineer National Board Category: Design/Fabrication Summary:This article was originally published in theFall 2009National BoardBULLETINas the first of atwo-part series. Please seeBasic Weld Inspection - Part 2for the conclusion of this article. Note: The

  • Art of extracting maximum information from radiography image. This requires subjective judgment of the interpreter Interpretis to give the meaning of to explain.Evaluateis to determine the worth of something.Indicationis a density change appearing on a radiograph.False indicationsare film artifacts, screen Problems, fog, scatter x-ray diffraction.Discontinuityis

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